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Get your Product Photography Right

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Your photographs are really important as they play a critical role in selling your products. An honest and interesting portrayal of your products is the best method of delivery. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on your product photography, you just need to approach it correctly, think about where it will show up and the feeling that you would like your store to convey.

Photography & Sales

Most of the information that goes into your brain is visual. Your product images speak of the quality of the items and indicate whether or not the person should trust you enough to purchase through your website and continue shopping.

Photography & Your Budget

Your product images convey your brand message, so it’s worthwhile allocating some time or money to ensuring that your pictures are good. A simple white sheet of paper on a chair will form a backdrop for smaller products and an ironed sheet hanging in a well-lit and naturally lit space will work for larger items. Many people use their smart-phones (on a tripod) to take pictures. As long as they are high enough resolution and consistent in their quality and size you will win. Or, even better, take photographs of the products as they are intended to be used.

Remember, the key is to convey your brand feel and be consistent. If your product images have too many different background types your site can end up looking messy. Another thing to remember, is that to ensure your photography process does not get in the way of successfully managing your store, a happy medium of quality and do-able is what you are after.

If you don’t feel up to the task you can take your products to a studio near you to have your photos taken professionally. PIXO.website can help you to find a studio.

Styles of Product Photography

Product images with a white background are usually your main or featured image. It’s preferable to take several pictures and have a gallery available for the shopper to see the item from all sides. These pictures should explain what your product is, or is about, at a glance and at different angles if possible.

Photograph a product as it will be used, usually a lifestyle shot. This will convey your brand and can be used for marketing purposes.

Other Things to Note
  • Your photographs should ideally be the same size. You’d like them to appear consistently across your site and on a variety of devices. Photographs that are supplied too small may pixelate when forced to fill a frame and images that are too large may make your website slow. At PIXO we will always do our best to optimize your images.
  • Photographs not ready yet? That’s OK… we would rather that they look good than be rushed. We can set up a holding image that can show in any instance where you do not yet have a photograph.
  • Create a list of your brand’s product photography guidelines. Next time you take pictures you can refer to it and keep things consistent.
  • Each photograph should be optimized to achieve the highest quality with the lowest file size. It’s also a good idea to name your image in the way that you would like to name your product. This will help you with Search Engine Optimization, and people looking for products like yours will find them in the search engines.
Free Image Editing Software

Pixlr – Similar to Photoshop
Canva – Good for Marketing
Fotor – Good for Smart Phone
Snapseed – Free Mobile App

If all of this sounds too difficult to achieve, please let us know and the PIXO.website team will happily assist.

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